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L Aerin Collett graduated from the University of Utah in 2013 with a BFA, after 18 years of pursuing her degree.  She created an art tutor position when she attended BYU-Idaho, and when she started at the University of Utah was asked to head up the 13 year dormant Painting and Drawing Student Association where she wrote grants, curated shows, hosted figure drawing session, and coordinated guest artists to speak to the students.  During her time at the U she was asked to facilitate a couple of different exhibits at the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City, taught an evening for educator’s class at the Utah Museum of Fine Art, and started the Wasatch Women’s Art Collective. She has been featured on the cover of the Exponent II Magazine, illustrated a children’s book, and has had multiple articles written about her in local newspapers and online news, blogs, and magazines. She has received multiple awards, including First Place of the 31stannual Spiritual and Religious show at the Springville Museum of Art, and a Merit Award during the 10th International LDS Art Competition. She participates annually in 300 plates, and has participated in the Vision of the Arts Fund. 

She is the proud mother of 5 beautiful children ranging from 8 months to 21 years old, the birth mom of a nephew, and a step mom of two great young men, and wife to Joseph Bowles. Currently they are restoring an old Victorian home in Ephraim Utah. She enjoys the outdoors, learning new things, practicing TM meditation and reading books from the canonized scriptures, the Nag Hammadi Library, apocryphal, and other codices from the time of Christ, and deciphering or deconstructing metaphors and allegories.


Daughter of God

Being trained as a traditional artist, I love realism, but I love the freedom of invention and contemporary mediums, and techniques. I try and honor both of these ways to art through my experimentation process. For a few years I focused on using clear packing tape to divide layers, finishing it with resin. I really enjoy that process and will continue to use it as an appropriate language to communicate an idea. Recently I have been experimenting with different opacities of Plexiglass and mediums behind and on top of the surface, to discover depth and illusion. I also have been experimenting with lime plaster, joint compound, and different pigments and waxes, looking for a way to re-invent the fresco, but make it more gallery friendly.



I love religion, and anything pertaining to the search for God or a higher power. I also love symbolism, and the language of art during the Renaissance. I look for a way to pull meaning through the objects, plants, animals and art history attributes and references, so as to create a deeper allegory, or as a way to deconstruct a religious metaphor. I love the Pistis Sophia metaphors because they are so vivid in the theology of having a Heavenly Mother, and co-creater to a male God. So I find it easy to relate to the images I see when reading. I love to research how different scriptures from different cultures and religions relate, and so I try to derive symbolism form multiple cultures as a way to unify beliefs and give the viewer a richer experience and enhanced vocabulary. Non religious works are studies of elements and possible techniques I wish to incorporate in a more complex image.


My Artistic Mission

To inspire, inform, teach, and grow myself and the viewer. To  find a higher purpose and power. To give devotion and honor to God.


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